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Broker www.FranklinRuttan.com and Affiliated Blog www.UpstateMansions.com encourages Realtors to contact Mike Franklin to discuss options for listing your properties here. Call 315-876-2262.

If you are an Associate Broker I have a proposition for you:

I can co-list. Or......

I suggest you quit the brokerage you are working for and form your own brokerage.

You can list conventional properties under your own brokerage. You keep 100% of the proceeds.

I can help you promote yourself to develop a business marketing unique properties. I would cooperate with you on a property by property basis. No strings attached. We make a fee sharing arrangement on a case by case basis. I would help you build a portfolio. You can quit any time. Selling high end properties helps you secure ordinary properties. Sellers assume if you sell large properties you can sell lower end properties.

Why pay a big box broker to do nothing but take your money and do nothing but interfere with your efforts.

Develop your own business. Be your own boss.

I've been a sole proprietor broker for 7 years and it is so much less aggravation and more money.

You may also want to quit the board of Realtors. I can show you how you can do that and generate the same results or better at ~1/4th the cost.

Can you imagine not having to pay your broker nor pay the board of Realtors? It can be done. Their monopoly is slipping. I can show you the way.

I know......because I've done it.

Sound crazy?

Google my phone number and click images. Google doesn't lie.

Call any time to discuss: Mike Franklin 315-876-2262


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  • Broker fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.